jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

Review on "Wonder"

+Treacher Collins Sindrome

1)What makes the movie different?
The movie is different because talk about bullying.

2)What the role of chewbacca?
The role of chewbacca is a way to convince that being different isnt bad.

3)Why does Miranda decide not to be driends withVia any longer?
Because she doesnt want me to know that he pretended to be her.

4)Where do resilence show in each of the characters?
Mom:She stopped working for his son.
Sister:She feels lonely because her parents dont attend as much attention to her as her brother.
Dog: is sick.
Friend: she wanted be popular and she lose her best friend.

5)Why does Julian actually "hate" Auggie?
Because he is the best and he is envious because he gets all the attention.

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